As a loving pet owner, you’re quick to arrange essential veterinary care such as vaccinations, wellness checks, and dental care — but how often do think about your faithful companion grooming needs? Pets naturally develop matted hair, oily skin, jagged nails, and other issues over the course of time. These issues don’t just make your pet look and smell unattractive; they can also pose certain health risks. Fortunately, your North Miami or Biscayne Park friend can receive expert grooming services right here at Miami Shores Animal Clinic.

Why Pet Grooming Matters

Pets don’t seem to care when they’re dirty or smelly, but their owners usually do. Professional grooming has long been a popular option for owners who don’t relish the thought of trying to control an uncooperative animal at bath time. But there are plenty of sound health reasons for entrusting  your pet’ grooming needs to our vet clinic. Consider how the following grooming issues can affect your pet’s wellness:

    • Dirty/oily skin – As oils build up on your pet’s skin, they can attract bacteria, which in turn may lead to infections and other skin problems. Allergens that gather on your pet’s skin may cause dermatitis.
    • Matted hair – Long, shaggy hair can clump together in thick, unmanageable mats. These mats can tug painfully at your pet’s skin, especially when you try to brush him. They may also prevent you from cleaning your pet’s skin effectively.
    • Overgrown toenails – Your domestic pet doesn’t wear his nails down the way a wild animal naturally would. Sharp, overgrown nails can easily catch on flooring or carpeting, in some cases pulling the nail away from the toe and leaving a painful open wound.
    • Blocked anal glands – If your pet’s  anal glands become clogged, itching and infection can set in, potentially creating dangerous abscesses.

Skilled Grooming Care at Our Miami Shores Animal Clinic

Leave your pet’s grooming needs to our Miami vet clinic. We start by trimming away any mats that might make other grooming procedures painful. (It’s a good opportunity to choose a fashionable new haircut for your friend!) We brush the hair carefully and cleanse the skin with gentle, pet-friendly shampoos. Our veterinarian will note any skin issues that might require some additional care. We will also trim your pet’s toenails and express his anal glands to help ensure his health and comfort until his next visit.

Does Your Pet Need Grooming? Call Our Veterinarian

Every pet needs grooming sooner or later, and our staff at Miami Shores Animal Clinic is ready to help! If your pet is ready for some special care, call our North Miami and Biscayne Park veterinarian at (305) 757-3030 today!