Miami Shores Animal Clinic is an established veterinary clinic that also services North Miami, Biscayne Park and the surrounding area. When it comes to treating our furry clients, we use a variety of tools and procedures to get the best results, including digital X-rays.

Animal Medical Hospital uses digital radiographs to diagnose internal injuries and illnesses. Commonly known as X-rays, they help our vet perform an internal examination of your pet’s body. The procedure is not invasive. We use digital X- rays for the following systems and conditions:

  • Bladder stones
  • Bone fractures
  • Tumors
  • Soft tissue problems

This includes problems with the stomach, heart, intestines, urinary tract and systems. If your pet decided to swallow something they shouldn’t have, a digital X-ray helps the veterinarian find the toy, rock or other objects.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital radiography uses sensitive plates to record X-ray data when used to examine your pet. This data is transmitted to software that stores, enhances and displays the image.

This is a painless process. If your pet cooperates, they may not have to be sedated. General anesthesia calms active, worried pets so that we can get an accurate result and a good diagnosis.

  • A veterinarian reviews the X-rays taken at Miami Shores Animal Hospital and uses them to determine a course of treatment.
  • We may ask you to drop your dog or cat off for the day. However, we can often take the X-rays right away, especially in cases of an urgent situation.

Your pet typically sleeps through the procedure and recovers quickly from the anesthesia.

When Does Your Pet Need a Digital X-Ray?

Your vet might recommend a digital x-ray if your pet was recently injured or has unexplained pain. Digital X-rays can be transmitted electronically, so you might need one if you are referred to a specialist. Also, we might prescribe a digital X-ray if the pictures have to be analyzed by a radiologist. The vet will let you know ahead of time if your pet has to be sedated, as well as, how to prepare for it.

If you feel that your pet needs a digital X-ray, contact us at the Miami Shores Animal Hospital at (305) 757-3030 to make an appointment. We are conveniently located near our clients in North Miami, Miami, Biscayne Park and Miami Shores. We are here to help keep your pets happy and healthy.