Many things in your pet’s environment can cause eye infections, including bacteria, parasitic organisms, and allergies. Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Miami, FL, sees many cases of pet eye infections and knows how to fix them.

Identifying Possible Pet Eye Infections

It is essential to know when your pet exhibits signs of an eye infection. It is also necessary to try to prevent your pet from getting an eye infection in the first place. One early sign that your pet might be experiencing this issue is increased tear production. Keep an eye out for swollen or red eyes, crusty discharge in the eyes at any time of the day, and any other potential visual abnormalities in your pet’s eyes as well. Extreme pain and sensitivity in the side of the face or near their eyes or the top of your pet’s head can be another indicator, even if there are no other current symptoms.

How Annual Pet Checkups Help

While you want to bring your pets to our veterinarian if they exhibit any signs of eye issues, you also want to ensure you’re bringing in your pets for their annual exams. Each year, our veterinarian will be able to keep track of your pets’ condition and their health patterns based on their behaviors, breed, and needs. During an annual exam, our vet always looks at your pets’ eyes to try and detect potential early eye infection issues. If caught early, your pets may have more treatment options.

The Importance of Annual Pet Exams at Different Life Stages

Pets age differently than we do. Annual exams let our vet determine if your pets are aging well and help them avoid potential common problems your pets may encounter later in life. Our vet checks things like weight, heart rate and rhythm, and more. Tests should be run at varying intervals throughout your pets lives for the best results.

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