Pet owners understand the importance of keeping their dogs well-groomed, and proper nail care is part of that process. Keeping your dogs’ nails trimmed regularly is not only good for hygiene but has other advantages as well. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic, serving North Miami and Biscayne Park, we include this service as part of our pet grooming. Here are a few reasons why nail trimming is beneficial for your pup.

Nail Trimming Prevents Unwanted Complications

There is a cosmetic benefit to keeping your dog’s nails trimmed. However, nails can cause significant damage to your dog if they grow too long. For example, if you have carpets, long nails can easily get caught in the fabric. As a result, it can leave an open wound on your dog’s paw that can get infected. Also, over time, there can be more susceptibility for your dog to develop other problems, such as foot deformities or injury to the tendons if their nails are left unmanaged.

Trim Nails to Ensure Your Dog Isn’t in Pain 

If you’ve ever noticed your dog’s nails, they grow out in a curved pattern. Once they get too long, the nails will start to curve and dig into the skin, which can be extremely painful for your dog to walk. Dogs experiencing pain in the front part of their feet will then rely on placing pressure on the back of their paws. Consequently, they can have sore muscles and will resist physical activity.

Frequency of Nail Trimming

How often you trim your dog’s nails can depend on the breed and age. Generally, most dogs will need to have it done roughly every 1-2 months. This frequency will prevent your dog from experiencing discomfort or having other negative consequences.

Schedule Your Dog’s Nail Trimming with Our North Miami And Biscayne Park Vet!

Miami Shores Animal Clinic knows that dogs can experience anxiety with nail trimming. Our professionals offer a nurturing environment that allows us to complete this vital grooming process correctly. Don’t risk injuring your dog. You can rely on our professional staff to provide the care your dog needs for a healthy and happy life. Contact us today to make an appointment with our veterinarian for quality pet care.

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